The Contract Coach - Bid and Proposal

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Company: Boeing SVS (now Boeing Directed Energy Systems).
Date: 2002 – 2003
Proposal: Various Research and Development programs for the AFRL and other agencies dealing with laser weapons and associated equipment and support services
Customer: U.S. Air Force.
Role: Proposal Manager, editor and technical writer.
Result: Numerous wins such as HABE, and MATRIX. Exact number and value of awards is proprietary.
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Company: TPI Composites,
Date: 2005
Proposal: Statement of Need for Robotic Trimming System for HUMMV Hood.
Customer: TPI.
Role: Consultant re: acquisition strategy, statement of work development, and market research.
Result: Specifications developed were used for actual procurement of equipment.
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Company: ABB Airport Technologies Inc.
Date: 2005
Proposal: Kansas City Airport IT Infrastructure Upgrade. Effort included replacing outdated hardware (server, routers, etc.) and software upgrades including the ABB Unified Flight Information System.
Customer: KCI Airport Authority.
Role: Proposal Manager and Lead Technical Writer.
Result: Selected for Competitive Zone – Finished 2nd on price.