The Contract Coach - Bid and Proposal

Proposal Experience

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The Contract Coach has over 30-years of proposal experience in the Government sector. This experience includes time as an employee of Boeing and Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) as well as writing proposals for my own business and as a consultant for various clients. A number of my clients and past proposals are included in the following pages. In summary these projects cover a dollar spectrum from 500K to 300M; embrace various technologies including lasers, optics, vehicles, and robotic/automation systems; and resulted in contract awards in over 80 percent of the cases.

One often hears "you can't win them all" …. I believe you can win the majority of the time if you follow the methods and techniques I advocate. Losses have been few - but when we lose we learn. The biggest lesson of all is to submit a price competitive proposal that meets all the government requirements.
… sometimes winning is simply not losing
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Proposal writing is part of the overall business acquisition process. The Contract Coach is familiar with the Shipley method and with that used by various major corporations including the Boeing Integrated Business Acquisition Process. Consequently, the method used by the Contract Coach leverages the strengths of several of these approaches to create a hybrid that has proven effective.

Publications & Seminars

The Contract Coach has written numerous articles and seminars on the topics of Proposals, Risk Management, and Cost and Pricing. These include:
1. Two National Eduction Seminars for the National Contract Management Association
2. A prefer-reviewed journal article in the Journal of Contract Management
3. Four Magazine articles in Contract Management Magazine
4. Numerous seminar presentations at professional associations including the NCMA and the ASCE
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