The Contract Coach - Bid and Proposal

Project Planning and Consulting

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Proposals are both planning and marketing activities. From a planning perspective the proposal offers the opportunity to thoroughly detail the various requirements needed to meet customer expectations and build a draft project execution plan well in advance of actually commencing the actual project.

The planning effort follows standard project management practices such as those recommended by the Project Management Institute. As a PMP certificant the Contract Coach is highly experienced with project planning and execution and can assist clients with requirements definition, developing a work breakdown structure (WBS), and creating various level schedules such as milestone schedules, Integrated Master Schedule, and detailed schedules.

These foundational planning documents are then woven into the fabric of the proposal - guiding and directing the written narrative of what will be done, who will do it, when will it be done, and so forth. The existence of these underlying documents allows the offeror to write a much more authoritative and convincing proposal document. This is a major factor in outscoring the opposition during proposal evaluations. It is also a significant factor in creating realistic and defensible cost estimates and mitigating project risks.
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Member: Project Management Institute
Certified as a Project Management Professional