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Proposal Management

Proposals offer an offeror a unique opportunity to thoroughly assess a project, develop detailed planning documents, and estimate costs/risks BEFORE committing to the actual project.
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If you think a proposal is a simple "copy and paste" exercise using templated information then I'm NOT your guy. My proposal methodology is specific to the opportunity. It begins with identifying and documenting customer requirements, developing the best solution possible to meet those requirements, and then developing a detailed plan to provide those services.

A proposal is also a project with an extremely unforgiving time schedule and exacting quality requirements. My technique is to run the proposal as a project - including the development of planning documents including a project schedule, budget, quality reviews, and an estimating plan.

Proposal management is then executing this plan leading to a timely and compliant proposal product.
Proposals also are contractually related documents and must meet stringent requirements as defined in the government's Request for Proposals, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and various agency supplements. Failure to comply with these instructions can result in the proposal being disallowed. Knowing the rulebook is a distinct advantage and with over 30 years of government related contracting and project management experience the Contract Coach LLC is well positioned to guide you through the entire proposal process.
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